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February 6, 2021
How much money can you make on Meet?
February 9, 2021

Hi All,

Well We just got this letter from the Dopeness Agency as our weekly update, so I thought we’d share. It’s nice to have people out there working for us. We have also brought on another marketing firm to work on getting us original press called Promote hour. To work on spreading the word and getting Meet out there to different journalist , who might be interested in doing an article on Meet for the press. We’re over the moon to see what they can do. Since Meet is already growing fast, with over 13,000 selling users strong. We’ve also started interviewing Influencer marketers , so we are super excited to bring on another marketing team at Meet ,  to work directly with influencers as well.


We have exciting things happening over here at Meet!


Founder & CEO Meet & MeetGreet


Thursday, Dec. 3, 2020


Hi Merritt,


Great news! I’m excited to give you this week’s update for what The Dopeness Agency has accomplished for Meet. This week we secured press for Meet in over 60 different publications and news outlets including  ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX.  Please install the attached “as seen in ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox” to your website. You can see your publications below.

Thank you,

Marta Ortega Quesada

The Dopeness Agency

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