What Is and How Does Meet’s Channel Partner Program Work?
March 14, 2021

At Meet we have automatic safety precautions in place, like optional comments and likes, blocking people, a stop button during Meets for inappropriate behavior, tagging and removal of inappropriate content, automatic connection and disconnection of meets, so no private information is ever shared, transparent banking for optimal transparency and parental control over who their teens might be meeting with and more, Insuring our users safety and Meet’s transparency. At Meet, making sure the internet is safe for everyone is paramount. Meet’s founder holds patents in mobile streaming and was the first to market with private group streaming before anyone. In doing so she built in the ability to flag and remove streams immediately if flagged recognizing the inherit safety concerns of mobile and live content. She approaches tech with the attitude it’s better to be safe then sorry, when dealing with live content and one on one connections. That’s why all of our Meets are private and one on one (only the two parties in the meet can see and hear what takes place in a meet) and you can leave the meet at any time. Plus if you decide to record the meet both parties must agree.

Please see this link to find an excellent resource on Child safety tips online for parents.

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