Meet’s Referral Program has the following steps:

  • Introducing the Meet Channel Partner Program which allows you to earn rewards in perpetuity by inviting people to Meet. To get started, simply share your referral code with people (like family, friends, clients, or followers). Make sure they enter it when they sign up. They can also sign up directly, through a social media link you can share to your social media sites.  Automatically connecting them as one of your referrals when they sign up.


  • You will automatically earn money as your referees use the app to conduct meetings. This is kept up with automatically for you in your profile settings. For every “first” purchase they make on Meet you will receive 5% of their purchase amount. If you do Meets and invite a whole bunch of followers or clients, you will get an additional 5% of their purchase price to speak with you, IF it’s “their” first time purchasing on Meet.


  • Then if they become sellers or if you invite big sellers you get 1% of their earnings in perpetuity. The more they sell their time on Meet, the more money you will make in the long term.


  • Simply check your referrals to see who you’ve referred and how much you’ve made in referral earnings. You can redeem your earning at any time for a $1 fee if the amount is under $25. If your earning is over $25, there is no fee to redeem. It’s that simple. Start referring now to start earning money on Meet today!


  • Remember you are always in control and can set the price you want to get paid for your own time on Meet. So, inviting people to Meet only opens up an additional revenue stream for both you and them. Meet is simply providing a new extra income opportunity to everyone in mobile.