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February 9, 2021
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March 14, 2021

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The new application goes live on the apple and android app stores with thousands of
active users

Santa Monica (USA)—Professionals worldwide have gained another way to find and sell their services with the launch of
the new mobile application “Meet.”

The app allows specialists of all kinds to provide remote service through an easy-to-use mobile interface. What makes Meet
unique is their teleconference function that allows users to get paid for their video chat durations down to the minute—one of
the first apps on the mobile market to ever perform such a function.

Users can quickly find what they’re looking for by searching through specific categories; from mobile dog training,
counseling services, even help with complex math equations, Meet has specialists of all kinds.

Merritt Fletcher, Meet’s CEO believes their approach brings buyers and sellers closer than ever before.

“Meet is opening up new revenue streams to professionals everywhere in this new socially distanced world of business,”
Fletcher said.

Meet’s unique platform and fuss-free interface is the perfect tool for influencers, models, freelancers, medical professionals,
therapists, coaches, fitness experts, designers, veterinarians and more. Just about any service imaginable can be performed
through Meet’s platform.

As for buyers, anyone can access Meet’s abundance of experts and utilize their services exactly how they need them. Gone
are the days of hourly billing, now anyone can get exactly what they need for however long they need it.

Additionally, Meet’s billing structure allows sellers to name their price down to the minute and set windows of availability
that buyers can view and make selections accordingly. Sellers can also simply set a price and accept requested meetings as
they come in.

Developers believe Meet’s approach will soon become a staple in the teleconference world of business. Meet’s staff can be
made available to the media. For more information visit

MORE—CEO Merritt Fletcher made a successful leap from professional modeling to mobile technology in the early 2010s.
She has personally created prior applications in MeetGreet and Weple, and sees the launch of Meet as the continuation of
that work. With multiple patents issued, Fletcher is considered one of the rising stars among young technology influencers.

Merritt Fletcher

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